Pipe and Pipe Fitting Supplier in Oman

SJS is a brand par excellence in the pipe and pipe fitting suppliers’ category in Oman. The company has since 1992 expanded operations in the engineering industry. SJS has certified mastery in the manufacturing and distribution of pipe and pipe fittings in Oman. Our primary product range is also headlined with hex and square head bolts, anchor rods, bent bolts, U-bolts, eye bolts, square plates, tie rod assemblies, and a vast array of other fast-selling fastener varieties. Our authenticity as a manufacturer and distributor of pipe and pipe fittings in Oman is established by the fact that we hold an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007. Moreover, all the industrial projects that we undertake and work on as the pipe and pipe fitting supplier in Oman comply with BS, ASME, and DIN standards.

Fasteners Supplier in Oman

Our position and reputation as the leading fasteners supplier in Oman is the outcome of the country’s growing infrastructural development needs, and as a result, our continuous efforts to augment the quality and quantity of our products range in the fasteners category. Fasteners are a staple in all hardware, construction, and building projects – indoors and outdoors. We strive to keep up with market trends and project demands by constantly improving the performance and features of our fasteners.

Listed under is the list of our top-performing fastener varieties that are regularly supplied in Oman’s prestigious construction and building endeavors.
  • Headed Bolts: In this category, we have a series of different types available in Hex bolts (HEX BOLT ASTM A193, HEAVY HEX BOLT ASTM A490, HEAVY HEX BOLT ASTM A325M, HEX BOLT DIN 933, HEX BOLT DIN 931); CSK bolts (CSK FLAT HEAD BOLT DIN 7991), Allen bolts (ALLEN BOLT DIN 912); Carriage bolt (CARRIAGE BOLT DIN 603).

  • Foundation Bolt: A foundation bolt – commonly referred to as an anchor bolt – is used to bind objects and structures to concrete. The USP of a foundation bolt is that its design can be customized. At SJS, foundation bolts are available in the following varieties: J type anchor bolt, L type anchor bolt, Straight anchor, and Eye bolt, Barrier pins, Plate anchor bolt, and Straight anchor.

  • Nuts: Our range in this category includes: HEAVY HEX NUT ASTM A194, HEX NUT DIN 934, ACORN NUT DIN 1587, Flange Nut, and Coupling/Long Nut.

  • Washers: Our bestseller washers are: DIN 125 WASHER, SPRING WASHER DIN 127, Fender washer, F436M WASHER, LOAD INDICATING WASHER ASTM F959, Hill Side washers, and Taper washers.

  • Threaded Rod: This product is comparatively longer in size and the thread is elongated enough to match the length of the rod. This type of rod is manufactured for use in tension. Our specialty products here include Stud Bolt and Customized Engineering Studs.

  • Shear Stud: It is etched in slabs of concrete to develop a composite stud and beam. In terms of design, the shear stud has a short-sized unthreaded bolt connected to the top flange of steel beams.

  • Bar Stocks: At SJS, our top-seller bar stocks are round-shaped, square, rectangular, and hexagonal (hex).

  • Clamps: We have clamps available in two varieties – U-Clamps and Pipe Clamps.

Steel Fabrication in Oman

SJS is a leader in Steel Fabrication in Oman. Our ranking has constantly been surging in the category of Steel fabrication companies in Oman because we have comprehensive experience and workmanship in this service category. Regardless of the size and scale of your steel fabrication needs and requirements, SJS is well-equipped in terms of resources, manpower, and networks, to give you round-the-clock assistance in completing your projects.