Since 1992 8,000 square foot stable area, SJS Enersol Engineering works has grownn to become one of the pioneer anchore bolt and nonstandard construction fastener manufacturers in UAE.


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Since its inception in 1992, the SJS organization and brand have expanded their foothold across many services and products in the engineering category. The company is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of high-quality ranges of innovative pioneer anchor bolt and nonstandard construction fasteners in the UAE. Their manufacturing portfolio consists of hex and square head bolts, anchor rods, bent bolts, U-bolts, eye bolts, square plates, tie rod assemblies, and a vast array of other fast-selling fastener varieties. In line with its pro-expansion business philosophy, SJS recently ventured in hot-dip galvanizing / XYLAN coating line processes, and both are accomplished at their 8,000 sq.ft production facility.


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